New Warm Sound
The 2046 is two channels FET Discrete microphone preamp and DI, it has a MIC/LINE and Hi-Z input for each channel. The FET Discrete Operational Amplifier Gain provide even-order harmonic distortion that why sounds warm. Perhaps you already know the warmth of the tube and the clarity of the transistor, so 2046 is between the twos.
Field effect transistors (FET) have the physical characteristics of even harmonic distortion. If you expect to get the details sound and warm color at the same time, the 2046 is you best choose. So now you can using the 2046 to tracking every new warm sound whether it is vocal, keyboard, guitar or drums.
A206 FET
A260 module is a new type of field effect transistor type class A discrete operational amplifier developed by bblaudio. The sound characteristics of A260 are low and medium frequency warmth and high frequency softness.
2046 英文前面板图片
2046 前后面板图片
 Technical Specification
  • Using A260 op-amp
  • New Discrete Field Effect Transistor Circuit Technology
  • Clipping/Output LED Metter
  • MIC Input (XLR)  each channel
  • LINE Input (XLR) each channel
  • Hi-Z Input (1/4″) each channle on front panel
  • Designed & Made in China
  • Number of channels: 2
  • MIC initial gain: 20dB
  • GAIN control rang: 55dB
  • Maximum gain: 75dB
  • Type: FET
  • Clip LED meter
  • Input type: MIC, LINE & Hi-Z
  • Frequency response (@±0.5dB): 20Hz~22kHz
  • Input impedance: Mic @2k Ohms, LINE in @20k Ohms, Hi-Z @2M Ohms
  • Output impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Phantom Power: +48V
  • Dimension: 1U(L 483mm, H 45mm, D 270mm)
  • weight:≈5kg
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