16 x Stereo Full Balance Analog Inputs, With Master Insert.

You can sum up to 16 stereo buses from your DAW, up to 24dB mix headroom means your mixes will sound punchier and more dynamic than ever before. Full balance SUM circuit designed provide very low noise then sound pure. it’s very easy to use on your mixing/mastering for any projects.

The Bus summing have master Insert function that you can connect your favourite master analog procceser in to you mix, The Bus summing is great tools for music producers who mixing on Hybrid Analog/Digital workflow.

16x Stereo balanced inputs
Full Balanced Circuit Design
Very Low Noise sound pure
Variable Master Level Control
Front Panel Master Insert Switch
Stereo Mix LED UV Meter on the front penal
Designed & made in China
bus summing front-2操作说明图

The World’s Accurate Analog Summing

A profession analog summing should be suitable for any music style,a key issues affecting mixing quality is depends on what you hear. You don’t want to have any color on the mixing bus because it will mislead you. Bus Summing directly sum up the balanced designed and uses the symmetry of the difference to cancel out the harmonic distortion caused by the interference noise and electronic components, best to retaining the original details and music dynamics.
01 Bus总线的概念
只有听到最真实的声音,这样你所作出的判断才是精准的。Bus Summing直接将音频接口输出的平衡信号进行相加,没有多余的处理环节,完美的保留了DA解码的信号的所有细节。所以BUS SUMMING是音乐工作者梦寐以求的工具之一。
Technical specifications
  • 16x立体声输入/2x立体声输出
  • 1x总线INSERT发送/返回
  • 全平衡输入输出电路
  • 输出音量无噪音旋钮控制
  • 最大可增加24dB动态余量
  • 频率响应:20Hz~20kHz(±0.05dB),@1kHz
  • 最小本底噪输出:<-86dBu @0dB Gain
  • 输入接口类型:DB25母头
  • 输出接口类型:TRS
  • 输入阻抗:10K Ohms
  • 输出阻抗:600 Ohms
  • 最大输出电平:+27dBu
  • 立体声10段LED VU电平指示灯
  • 标准1U机架式
  • 4.9kg/483*45*260mm
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